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Feel safe and healthier with clean, fresh water throughout your home in the kitchen, bath, and laundry.

Water Medic of Cape Coral - Helping Customers for over 20 Years!

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Our system is attractive and more affordable than you might think!  Customers have told us installing this system is the best thing they have ever done for them and their home!  Having reverse osmosis water run through the entire home is fabulous.  Every fixture in the home will supply you with bottled water quality water.  The appliances will work more efficiently and have a longer life.

Well Water Repair

We are licensed to service all makes and models of residential well water systems. We can perform routine monthly maintenance to ensure the proper operation of the well equipment and prolong its years of service.  Diagnosing well equipment problems is a job for the professional.  A well-maintained well system can provide many years of dependable service.

Salt Service

We will fill your tank with Morton Salt Pellets—the best in the industry! Do a complete check of the water softener timer and reset, if necessary. We add chlorine sticks to the aerator, as needed if basket is present. Do a visual check of complete system for any problems. We will check aerator for cleanliness and clean and sanitize, if necessary... and more!

Water Softeners

Hard water contains dissolved minerals like; calcium, magnesium, iron, and limestone.  That produce stains on porcelain fixtures and laundry, and a scale that clogs fixtures and shortens the life of appliances. Our water softeners are engineered for years of dependable operation.

Swimming Pool Services


Water Medic is proud to offer a variety of weekly pool service plans for residential properties.  We have CPO (Certified Pool Operator) certified pool technicians.  The NSPF Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) Certification program is the world's leading verifiable pool and spa training credential.

Pool Heaters

We all love Florida for it's wonderful winter climate, but with trees, screen enclosures, and other coverings, your pool may be a little more chilly than you would like in the winter time.  Luckily we can supply a Built Right Pool Heater just for you, based on  your needs.  Then you can really use that dream pool you have always wanted all year long, at the temperature that you like!!

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What our customers say about us...

Christine Wolfe

Our water tank had broke early morning Monday the 28th and we called Water Medic who takes care of our unit came out late afternoon to replace the tank and air tank. We find this company to be very professional and the staff is not only very professional but also very friendly!! We have water again ~ Thank you Water Medic!!

Water Medic of Cape Coral Florida

Thom W.

I've been using Water Medic for several years now for periodic maintenance and major jobs. They have always done quality work for a fair price. I can recommend them without hesitation..

Water Medic of Cape Coral Florida

Nancy Smith

Best decision we ever made for our home - whole house reverse osmosis system by Water Medic. No matter what the issue, or what time of day we call, Water Medic is always helpful and prompt. Their service techs are the BEST!

Water Medic of Cape Coral Florida

Roy Bradley

Curtis was punctual and stayed with the job until complete. The job required attention to the well pressure gauge, aerator, float, house pressure switch, tank, drain, salt tank, softener valve head, hose bib, etc. He worked through the heat and it took him about 2.5 hours. He also offered maintenance advice, plus he was friendly and smiled..

Antonio Rodriguez


I have "never" hit the lotto, but finding Water Medic Of Cape Coral Inc. on Angie's  List was certainly a Grand Slam (home run with the bases loaded), maybe the way someone would feel about winning the lotto...

Alan Thomas


Colt did the installation and the new unit eliminated the hydrogen sulfide smell.  System was tuned up with optimal pressure in the pressure tanks and now operates like new. 

Highly recommend Water Medic for all your water needs/problems. 

Water Medic of Cape Coral Florida

Whole Home Reverse Osmosis

After 20 years in the industry, we are Southwest Florida's most experienced whole house reverse osmosis installation company.

Removes Lead

This is probably a big deal to you especially if you have children in your household as the exposure of lead to young children can be a serious problem.

Removes Parasites

Reverse osmosis will help filter out any damaging parasites from your water including the scary Cryptosporidium that can make you sick.

You Will Save Money

This is just a simple fact, but your wallet will be much heavier not having to buy bottled water every day.

Water Medic - Clean Water for all Cape Coral Florida

Removes Sodium

Reverse osmosis will reduce the amount of sodium in your drinking water. We’ll bet that you didn’t even know there was sodium in your drinking water!

Cleanest Water Available

The last thing you want to be worrying about is the safety of your drinking water while you are going through cancer treatment.

It's Alkaline

We know that Alkaline drinking water has been a new trend in the bottled water world, but it's not new to us or our reverse osmosis systems.

Providing Excellent Service for over 20 Years

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Water Medic of Cape Coral Florida

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