Got a well system?

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We are available for any emergency call you may have and we offer service plans that fit your monthly budget.

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Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Our system is attractive and more affordable than you might think!  Customers have told us installing this system is the best thing they have ever done for them and their home!  

Water Softeners

We sell and install softener systems that filter, soften, and clarify your water.  It reduces sand, sediment and pipe scale that can accumulate in any municipal or well water system.

Swimming Pool Service

Water Medic is proud to offer a variety of weekly pool service plans for residential and commercial properties.  We have CPO (Certified Pool Operator) certified pool technicians.

Salt Service Monthly

Fill your tank with Morton Salt Pellets—the best in the industry! We do a complete and through check of your water system for one low monthly price.

Pool Equipment and Repairs

Water Medic of Cape Coral Inc. is a licensed and insured State of Florida swimming pool contractor.  We offer free estimates, we repair all major brands of swimming pool equipment

Weekly Pool Maintenance

It takes regular maintenance and knowledge of water chemistry and pool functions to keep a pool clean and free of issues.

Air Injection Iron or Sulfur Removal

Do you have an iron problem from your well that is staining and ruining your appliances, sinks, tubs and showers?  

Well Water Repair

A well allows homeowners to control their own water supply. This comes with the responsibility of keeping the water equipment in good working order.

Under Sink Reverse Osmosis

We sell ,install, and repair many brands of under sink reverse osmosis systems.  For new installations we have a wide range of stylish faucets available.

ScaleNet Anti-Scale System

ScaleNet is the first environmentally-friendly physical water treatment system to effectively control scale without salt, electricity, or backwash.


Diagnosing house and well pump problems is a job for a professional. We are trained to handle all of your pump needs.

Leak Detection

Leaks result in wasted water and chemicals.  Worse, they can cause structural damage that can eventually be more expensive to repair if the problem is not corrected early.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filtration a simple, yet effective way to improve the taste and quality of all drinking water, whether on a well, or from a municipal (city) water system.


Aerators offer a cost-effective, non-chemical means of removing and reducing dissolved gasses in well water.